February 12, 2016


bankomatATM Connectivity
Connect your ATMs using a combination of fixed and cellular connections to ensure that it always stays up. Packet-level VPN provides an extra layer of security. Use Peplink routers to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance.











singageDigital Signage
Streaming quality interactive content requires high bandwidth. Achieve high bandwidth and connection reliability without breaking the bank by combining multiple connections in a high-bandwidth VPN tunnel.











drone marsUnmanned Vehicles
Unmanned vehicles require constant connectivity with mission control. Achieve this by combining multiple cellular connections. Redundant SIM cards enable you to connect with 2 cellular providers per modem











station1EV Station Connectivity
EV Charging stations need to be connected to effectively execute user tracking and payment management. Connect your stations using MAX routers and take advantage of InControl 2’s API to communicate with existing systems.