March 3, 2016

Public Safety and Hospitality

Cellular Backhaul for Video Surveillance

Use Peplink routers to help watch over the most remote and hard-to-reach sites. Simplify your setup with PoE support. Form unbreakable HD video streams with cellular connections from multiple providers.


Affordable Link Scaling

Use Peplink routers to add bandwidth and achieve 99.9% connection availability without breaking the bank by load balancing between multiple commodity links. Guests won’t even notice when a WAN link goes down.


Remote Area Connectivity

For secluded resorts without access to landlines, delivering fast and reliable Internet can be a challenge. Use Peplink MAX cellular routers to combine multiple cellular connections and deliver blazing-fast Internet.


Hotel-Wide Wi-Fi Delivery

Connect 50-plus devices simultaneously on each AP. With a variety of AP form factors to choose from, you can offer 11ac Wi-Fi from the smallest of spaces. Use Peplink’s InControl 2 to easily manage your entire network.