FusionHub Virtual Appliance

Peplink introduces FusionHub, the new virtual SpeedFusion appliance. With the new FusionHub, SpeedFusion connections can be established between cloud servers and Peplink devices.


  • SpeedFusion connections to your datacenter or cloud servers
  • View Web domains your clients visit and application usage
  • Integrate datacenters and cloud servers into existing physical SpeedFusion networks
Speedfusion fusion

Bandwidth Bonding

  • Remote Streaming
  • Combine Different Sources

Session Persistence

  • Packet-Level Seamless Failover
  • Cellular Backup Connections

Deploy on Any Cloud Server

  • Local and Remote Deployment
  • InControl 2 Centralized Management

FusionHub and InControl 2

Infinitely Scalable Architecture

Deep Client Insight

In addition to the ability to organize your devices and FusionHubs, InControl 2 provides you with real-time client information. Gain insight into the domains your clients visit (e.g. www.facebook.com) as well as any of their applications that use data (e.g. BitTorrent, Skype).


This information can be displayed as a table, pie chart, or client connection diagram. On the client connection diagrams, information is made manageable using intelligent filters.


Unbreakable Connection to Cloud Resources On the Go


Faster Internet Access by Leveraging Your Datacenter


SpeedFusion as a Service